Hey Guys and Girls!

Awesome prize hey?

Our competition is still very much live! However, based on feedback from entrants and difficulties experience due to the huge demand crashing our server 🙂 (can’t complain) – we are making changes to give you the smoothest experience possible. We are working hard on updating the new site to ensure that it meets your satisfaction and will not be accepting payments until the updates are registered.

In the meantime, lets have some fun – follow us on Facebook and Instagram because to make up for this unexpected down-time, we will be giving away free weekend breaks at the Hall for up to 6 people. The first will be on the 20th April but if you can’t make it, we’ll try to rearrange a date to suit and find another entrant that can!!

Thank you for taking the time to enter the competition, if following our social media is an issue, click here so we can register your email details and get back to you as soon as we’re back – bigger and better than ever!

Best regards,

Ben and the HPC Team